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“History has shown us that courage can be contagious.”

Michelle Obama


Dangerous Women is a diverse collective of female artists based in Leavenworth, Washington. We bring the forgotten or repressed histories of important women and feminine archetypes to life on stage.

In 2018, our third season, we generated and staged "Victorious," American women's fight for the vote.  In 2020, the hundred year mark of women’s suffrage, we’ll present an expanded version: “Victorious 2020.”

Dangerous Women’s performers and crew are risk takers and leaders. Together we create community, make art and honor women whose courage changed the course of history. We strive to unearth and illuminate stories that empower all people.  Rise with us!


Movie images are from the staging of Spellbound (2017), illuminating the history of mystical women; and Victorious (2018), exploring American women’s fight for the vote.

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The cast brought mystical women to life on stage. I was haunted for days...
— Audience Member, Spellbound, 2017
A powerful play, very timely for today’s woman’s movement. Demonstrated the need to work for the rights of ALL people and stand up for the oppressed and those that need protecting.”
— Audience Member, Victorious, 2018
Opening number was superbly executed and performed—a brilliant mix of ancient Latin chant and rap!
— Audience Member, Spellbound, 2017
That was fantastic! That was amazing! That was spectacular! Enough adjectives? Educational! Inspirational! Entertaining! Apparently I’m not done! You covered every single base!”
— Audience Member, Victorious, 2018